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This image is posted in an article called, “Minimalistic One Line Tattoos” by Mo Gangi. This tattoo uses line to make the entire piece. The line helps to create movement in the piece and to help draw your eye across it. Using just lines to create the tattoo is a very minimalistic approach and helps you to see the most simplistic design. There is contrast between the thicker lines and the thinner lines. This weight change also helps to draw the viewers eye across the piece. The one continuous line helps to give meaning to the piece as well since its a pinky promise. It adds to the connection making it feel deeper. The lines come together to form shapes to give form to the hands.

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Figures and Mass


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Figure and Hand Drawing

This gallery contains 3 photos.

For this work I photographed my hands signing my initials. I then drew from those pictures. I started from left to right and as it went on my hands improved. I need to work on the thumbs of all of … Continue reading

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Final Animation

I adapted to Yuri by using the multiplane. I also tried to give off a feeling of loneliness and fear. In order to make the animation I used all four planes of the multiplane and cutouts. I think some of the smoothest movements are in the snow falling, the fox head turn, and the fox laying down. I did stray from Yuri’s design when I had the legs and fox separate to create exaggeration. One thing that I would like to improve on is the camera either focusing or zooming. I tried to fix this but it kept occurring.


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All Works For Intro to Visual Communication


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Final Project: Endangered Species


For my final project I used the word prey to interfere with the image of the African wild dog. I chose prey because they are prey to lions, which is one of the reasons they are endangered. This is important to the program because there is always a new and creative way to do things and it is vital to be able to conform and work through problems. In this piece I used contrast to enhance it and to make it more pleasing to look at. The curved lines create movement. Negative space allows you to really look at the dog and to focus on it. I used the repetition of the same short lines for the fur to create unity. I have grown as an artist through my line work. It has become even stronger and less shaky. You can see this change from my self portrait, linear day, and illuminated name. I have become even better at handling my mediums and tools.

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Final Project: Montage

In this work I used tonal and metric montage. I used these in order to help the piece flow better and to help tie it together. The video is about me reminiscing on my journey to meet my favorite band (PVRIS) and see them in concert. This was one of the best days of my life and still has a lasting impact on me.

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