Linear Day Book


For my linear day book I chose the day where I met my idol and my favorite band. For most of the day I was pretty nervous which explains the shaky thin lines. I used the thinner bolder lines to put emphasis on certain parts of my day like meeting them and seeing the concert. The thick and thin lines create contrast within the piece. The one continuous line in the piece creates movement and draws the viewers eye across the page. The thickness and thinness of the continuos line keep the viewers eye and also help create the movement. The simplicity of the first page balances out the dense last page. The repetition of the smaller lines including both the thick and thin ones create a sense of unity. The wavy lines also create and add to the unity of the piece. The wavy lines and short straight lines create a pattern. All of the elements and principles of design are what make up art. With out these concepts art would have no basis and nothing would be consistent. I have grown as an artist shown between now and my self portrait because I make actual long lines as opposed to small quick ones. I don’t pick up my pencil every two seconds and I make confident solid lines.

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