Photography Response

I believe that photography is a form of art. It uses the elements and principles of design just like the rest of the art mediums. Art is the expression or utilization of creative skill and imagination, it is usually shown in a visual form. Following the definition of art

photography surely falls into the art category. Art is an expression of feelings and emotions; photography can cause people to feel emotions. All photographs have a purpose and all are a piece of artwork. Even if the photograph is just a portrait of someone that photograph is a piece of art. Why would a drawn portrait and a photographed portrait be considered different? They both capture something and use the elements and principles of design. Both types of portraits portray the person how they are seen and show what emotion the person is feeling. The emotion they’re feeling shows through both mediums causing the viewer to feel an emotion. Photographs can be just as beautiful as paintings. They don’t always take the same amount of time, but they have the same concept. That concept is to show something that people can view and take as their own.

One image that stood out to me was the image that depicts two woman surrounded by all black taken by Frank Eugene. This stood out to me because I think human anatomy is beautiful. It really made the bodies the star of the photograph because of the contrast of the black and white. The body was made from the background and the darkness as opposed to just lines. Another thing that made it stand out to me was the fact that the faces are blacked out. Another image that stood out to me was one taken by Alfred Stieglitz; it was the one of Georgia O’Keeffe’s hands. It interests me because the hand look like they’re grasping for something but we don’t know what. The position of her hands really makes you wonder what she’s reaching for. The next image that interested me was the one taken by Alfred of the clouds. The wispiness of the clouds gives great contrast against the solid sky. The clouds really stand out in the picture and them being wispy helps demonstrate how weightless they are.

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