Objectified: Gary Hustwit

In Objectified by Gary Hustwit, the main discussion is about how objects are designed. The success of an object’s profit is from how an object is designed. Designers want their products to be comfortable and work efficiently. To make it work efficiently they look to conform towards the more challenged crowds. This makes it so the middle men can find a way to work it and it works easily for the ones who need it to. Designers also want their products to be attractive. The attractiveness of a product is tied very closely to its success.

Designers are very important to our everyday lives. Everything we encounter on a daily basis was designed by someone. We judge everything we see and we tend to do judge things harshly. If we did not have designers I doubt we would have gotten very far with our technology. Designers take old things and enhance them and improve them. This makes them a far better product in many different ways. Designers are how we choose what we want to use/buy. Of course it is not just the designer’s themselves, but we judge the design of an object and then we dictate how we feel and if we want it. One thing that really left an impression on me was the toothpick and how it was designed. I’ve never noticed the lilt break off piece and the fact that it has multiple uses surprised me. I have gone all my life without knowing it signifies it has been used and that you can use it for a resting place for your toothpick.

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