Journal Entry 7

Day 1

Title- Hunting for Hockney

Artist-Alice Dunseath


During my first viewing of this piece I knew what was going on because of the narration but the artwork is a whole other story. It’s very beautiful how in the beginning when the life comes out of the one person another appears and picks their life up. Once picked up the person helps walk the other person around. This is beautiful to me because it’s just amazing how there are some people in the world that are truly here to help others even when they feel like no one can help them. I liked how in the beginning everything was achromatic when her friends mother died and then it transitioned to color while they were looking for David Hockney. Once they found David’s house they didn’t talk to him or anything and the color went back to achromatic. I found this nice because it really helps express the emotion in the piece.

Day 2

Title- Kindred

Artist- Simone Doing and Max Puchalsky

Time- 7:35

This piece is very beautiful in many ways. I find it very interesting the premise of the video because the video is truly beautiful and the back story is saddening. The video is a looping clip of a woman laying on a bed and it wavers between her and a dog 3 times and then the fourth time the woman transitions to the looping clip of the dog. The loop of the dog ends once the dog lifts its head. When I viewed this piece I thought it represented dog and human relationships. Once I looked into and researched the piece I learned that it is about how females both animals and humans usually get the short end of the stick.

Day 3

Title- Rooftop Short

Artist- Evelin Stermitz

Time- 2:56

This piece is very confusing. There isn’t really a story to it. The camera angles aren’t consistent but the woman and her dress are. The setting is also consistent. The setting is on top of a rooftop with camera angles changing and a woman appearing randomly. The rooftop has a bunch of satellites on it. There is background music and sounds. All the sounds are very spastic and don’t make much sense. There are loud droning noises and cars honking. From this piece I took that maybe the woman is going insane. Everything in the video lead me to believe that maybe the woman is going insane or maybe someone else is and this is what they’re envisioning.

Day 4

Title- The Hero is Light

Artist- Eduardo Yagüe

Time- 4:23

This piece is about an artist and how the secret police knocked on her door and take her away. It talks about how her being taken changed her artistic style. Afterwards all she was able to draw was dark and sad things like dead trees and dark skies. The piece also spoke about how it left her sad and unable to see the better things in life. At the end it talks about how a small light grows into a bigger one and her canvases turn into cloudless eternally blue skies. At the end it also shows how happy the woman is and it gets brighter until the whole screen is white. The end is the only color portion of the video the rest is in black and white.

Day 5

Title- Grotesques

Artist- Ellen Wetmore

Time- 3:05

In this piece there are a bunch of different things going on. It seems like there’s always something new to look at or see. There are multiple frames and things moving. The same woman is depicted multiple times in this piece. She is depicted twice coming out of the ocean. She is shown having a picnic with a guys head coming out of the sand. She is shown dragging people across a field. She is also shown crouching in an odd way, holding up flowers like a table, and kind of lunging/leaning while holding a cup of something.  All across the layout there are flowers, insects, and one frog. From the title of the piece and the obscurity of the layout and things depicted, I am assuming these are things that the artist finds grotesque. They things depicted could also be things that people usually see as grotesque. I think the most grotesque thing about this piece is the layout and how obscure everything that happening is. There is really no visible explanation of the piece when viewing it

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