Journal Entry 8

Day 6

Title- To Measure is to Know

Artist- Ronald Quelven


I really didn’t understand this piece. I understand the quote, but I didn’t get how the quote applied to it. The guy didn’t talk at all, so I don’t get where the speaking part of the quote comes in. I also don’t understand the things in the background that look like some sort of gauges. I also don’t understand why they have the man eating. To me a lot of this video just doesn’t line up, but that could also be the premise is that you don’t understand it until you can express it in numbers. Throughout the video the man just sits and it appears periodically that he’s talking to someone off screen.  As well as periodically talking he also eats randomly.

Day 7

Title- Snags in Palladio

Artist- Michele Manzini

Time- 6:03

In this piece there are 5 scenes. In the first scene there is a woman in a very long red dress walking up stairs while flexing her back. I didn’t really understand this piece besides the symmetry aspect of it. The whole scene was symmetrical except for her dress. In the second scene is a woman sitting on a bed facing away from the camera. On the walls around her are symbols and there is a large dark circle with a symbol inside on the wall  that she is facing. Wile the piece progresses there is a hand that strokes her hair and arm twice and then the piece comes to an end. I’m not quite sure what this scene is trying to get across. It could be showing that even when you’re alone there is some comfort. In the third scene there is a woman laying on top of a mirror. She first start tracing the mirror with her hand and then her whole body moves. She looks tense and then she looks sad but calm. I think this is showing that we like what we see for a little bit, but after awhile we just get discourage and dislike what we see. In the fourth scene there is a woman dancing in the back room and a woman dances across in front of the doorway. The second woman stops dancing twice. Think this piece is about the different layers in life and how people can experience and feel different things at the same time. In the fifth and final scene there is a woman sitting in a chair in a doorway facing away from the camera. When the woman puts her hands out three woman walking behind her and they are walking at varying speeds. While walking some girls stop or do poses. When the woman puts her hands down the women stop walking. I believe that this piece uses the girls walking as a measurement of time. This time passing could be the woman’s who is sitting.

Day- 8

Title- Nicky

Artist- Eden Mitsenmacher

Time- 3:27

In this piece there is a man singing and dancing while a woman shows up randomly that dances and sings as well. Throughout the whole video random things appear in the background. The one consistent thing in the background in something that looks like food coloring just dropped in water. I think this piece is about things you love. The song sounds like it’s about a girl and the background could be things that she likes or the guy likes.

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