Abstraction: The Walk

For my abstraction I did a kinetic abstraction. I abstracted a person walking in place. In order to do so used colored in triangles to show the feet and the movement of the feet. I also used a white piece of paper for the background so the viewer can focus on the “feet” and see the movement easier without distractions. In order to have the “feet” walk in place once towards the middle of the screen I moved both triangles in a circular motion.  I think I did a good job communicating what was happening. Viewers might not be able to tell that the movement is someone walking, but you can tell it’s a uniform movement.

The two people that I researched were Norman McLaren and Ryan Larkin. I chose both of them because their works showed some kinetic abstraction and they both demonstrated walking and its movement. For Norman McLaren I used his films, Hen Hop (1942) and Love on the Wing (1938). In Hen Hop I took from the legs movement at 0:55 to 1:05. In these moments the legs are moving from left to right. I watched how the legs moved in correlation to their surroundings. In Love on the Wing I took from the horse’s movement at 3:18 to 3:26. During this time the horse was running towards the left. I watched how the horse moved with its body and how its feet moved. In both pieces I watched how they moved and how they achieved the movement. For Ryan Larkin I used his films Walking and Street Musique. In the piece called Walking I took from the part where the people were walking in place. This movement happens from 1:20 to 1:24. In this piece I really studied the movement and how the people walked. I based a lot of the movement in my piece off of this piece. For the piece Street Musique took from 2:04 to 2:12. For this piece I watched the movements of the character’s feet and the fluidity of the movement. I also watched how odd the character’s movement was.

In my abstraction the whole piece is pretty even on the piece’s smoothness. The strongest motion has to be from 0:09 to 0:13. This is where the strongest movement is because I had already done the movement before, so I was able to perfect it. The movement is faster at 0:03 to 0:05, but then slows down right afterwards. I would like to have kept my overall piece the same speed as the sped up area, so I could’ve gotten more cycles in a shorter period of time. I also would’ve like to have sped up the triangles first walking in. I feel like that part took a little too long.

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