Illuminated Name


I first started with researching the Book of Kells and the Book of Hours. After researching I did a version of the piece in just pencil. After the pencil version I used pens to make a black and white version. After the black and white version I started coloring my piece in. I started with watercolor on the computer. Once I finished that version I moved onto coloring it with computer colors. After coloring in both mediums on the computer I pretty much figured out which colors I liked for my piece. I moved onto the water color swatches, which I thought looked the best. For my last version I put the photos of nature into the piece. I didn’t like this version very much. The design process is important to the digital program. It is important because it is vital in order to enhance and improve your pieces. Going through the design process can help you figure out what you really want to have in your piece and what doesn’t work at all. I have grown as an artist through the fact that my lines are getting bolder and stronger as compared to the self portrait. I have also improved in all mediums I worked with for this piece. Before this piece I never really used watercolors or pens before as a medium for art. Using the mediums helped me improve in both areas.

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