Journal Entry 9

Day 9

Title- #MemoryoftheUniverse | “Syria Planum: For Water for Oil”

Artist- Alysse Stepanian

Time- 7:22

In this piece it starts out showing flags and flags in washing machines. It then goes to a building where it shows videos of people and animals dying. There is also a woman who has utters. I find this very weird. This is the one part of the piece I don’t understand. I get the rest being what is remembered of America and the washing machines resemble Americans trying to clean how people view us. I just don’t get why the woman has utters and why she isn’t clothed. I’m also not too sure about the military aspect, but I think it means that the military was our downfall.

Day 10

Title- Untitled (Fracture Series)

Artist- Andrew Kaufman

Time- unkown

For this piece there is a paper plane rotating on a stick behind a piece of glass. As the video proceeds the glass starts to break and fall apart. Behind the glass the paper airplane in white, but in absence of the glass the airplane is black. The nose of the plane is damaged. On the plane is a floral pattern. I think that this piece means that the glass stands for society and how their view of something is blurred until they actually see it. Once the glass breaks I think it’s showing society finally understanding what they’re viewing and how things aren’t always what we view them as.

Day 11

Title- In Dreams

Artist- Samuel Blain

Time- 2:53

In this piece it is a person interviewing people about their dreams. Whatever dream they’re talking about is symbolized on their head. Each of the people’s heads is created to represent what their dreams are. For example one woman has a reoccurring dream about her being abandoned in a forrest, so her head is a tree. All their heads are animated. This piece did an amazing job animating and demonstrating their purpose. I think this is a great piece because of how straightforward it is.

Day 12

Title- This Dull Chaos

Artist- AH Jerriod Avant

Run time- 1:20

In this piece there is a narrator and repeating images on the screen. The images give a paranormal aspect to the piece. I think this piece is about a person wanting to escape someone’s ruling, I’m not sure whose ruling though. I don’t quite understand how the narrative and the images match up. The narrative is talking about how they want to escape the containment while the images show a tree, a person sitting, and something blurry in-between two people. The images aren’t very clear on their message but the narrative is.

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