Journal Entry 10

Day 13

Title- Fingers of Doom

Artist- Raquel Meyers

Time- 2:36

In this piece an animator is creating character after character. The style reminds me of 8 bit older video games. It was really neat and enjoyable to watch. I found it enjoyable to watch especially because of my love for video games.

Day 14

Title- Travel Notebooks: Barcelona, Spain

Artist- Silvia De Gennaro

Time- 2:11

In this piece it shows multiple parts and aspects of Spain. The movement in the piece helps show the business of Spain and how vibrant the culture is. The video appears like a travel journal video. Everything in the piece helped to depict Spain and show the viewer just what Spain is about. I liked this piece because of the different movements in the piece. It really helped the liveliness of the piece and it really tied things together.

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