The Chair Project


For this piece I drew the chair to the left of the page to try to make the chair feel crammed, like the folds towards the front of the chair. The strong stripes in the front create a strong sense of contrast and really make the front folds stick out which is what I wanted. I made the fold in the front the focal point to make the piece more interesting because it is a smaller part to a bigger piece. This piece is relevant to the digital arts program because of the use of atmospheric perspective. You can use it on any object to really make something feel like it’s there and it has its own space. As an artist I’ve grown significantly. I am now able to look at something and put it on a piece of paper while having it somewhat close to the actual proportions. I have gained far more control over my charcoal as seen from the music charcoal piece I did in the beginning of the semester. My shading and atmospheric perspective skills have also improved as shown through the flag exercises we did.

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