For this piece I chose to do space and earth to create unity. The stars create repetition which creates unity in the piece. The black in the moon creates contrast against the white background and yellow stars. I tried to maintain the stars location with not having them move too much. I made the meteor go in a more organic shape to make the piece more lively. One thing that I would like to change about my piece is to add more animation. I thought that there would be more movement in the piece but when viewed there isn’t. I used the moon changing phases, the earth, and the meteor to create the movement in the piece. As an artist I have grown in the fact that I have gotten better with Adobe Illustrator. When I came into this program I knew little about it. Another way I have grown is through the fact that I have gotten better with color. You can see this from the illuminated name project. I learned to limit what colors I used and to make sure they relate. This project is relevant to the program because I am part of the animation course and it helped me to learn a new technique. It also taught me how to use the laser cutter which I can use in future projects.

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